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What Is The Purpose of Auto Insurance?

As soon as we learn to drive, we learn our responsibilities. We must learn to drive responsibly, we must know the law to some extent, and we must be prepared in case of an accident. What do we actually know about auto insurance, though? B&A Insurance LLC, serving the greater Charleston, SC community, explains the true purpose of auto insurance.

It’s About Protecting You

The most important aspect of auto insurance is the financial protection it affords drivers. Cars are big, powerful things that do irreparable harm at the hands of the wrong driver. Without that financial protection, drivers would be better off riding a scooter.

Protection No. 1

The first protection is a liability which covers you in case the accident was your fault. The insurance will pay for the other driver’s medical expenses, time lost from work, and repairs to the other driver’s vehicle. 

Liability auto insurance does not cover damage to your car, your body, or your passengers’ bodies.

Protection No. 2

The second is called comprehensive and protects you through incidents not caused by a vehicle. That means you’re covered if:

    • You hit a deer

    • You tangle with a bad storm (hail, falling tree branches, and such)

    • Potholes

    • Power poles, mailboxes, or bridge abutments

    • Riots, theft, vandalism, and fire

    • Broken windscreen

Comprehensive doesn’t cover drivers hit by other vehicles.

Protection No. 3

The third is about legally protecting you against cars driven by uninsured motorists or hit-and-run drivers. Do you feel like repairing or replacing a crumpled car, paying hospital and medication bills, or making up for lost time at work with your own funds? We didn’t think so. Buying uninsured motorist auto insurance is vital unless you’re independently wealthy.

We Are Here To Help!

This is how automobile insurance protects you, the driver. There’s more, and when you visit B&A Insurance LLC in Charleston, SC, we’ll be glad to explain how the other components of automobile insurance protect our drivers.


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