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What Types of Watercraft Can Be Covered?

Boat/watercraft insurance is a type of coverage that helps you protect your boat from certain risks. When looking for boat/watercraft insurance, it’s important to know what types of boats and watercraft can be covered by this type of policy. Here are some of the common types of boats that can be protected by boat insurance:


Houseboats are large boats that function as both a home and a vessel for transport. Houseboats usually have enough room to accommodate their owners in addition to providing space for storage.

PWCs (Personal Watercraft)

PWCs are small watercraft that are designed to be ridden by one or two people. PWCs are typically equipped with inboard motors, but some models can run on jet propulsion.


Kayaks are small, lightweight boats typically used for leisurely activities like fishing or paddling.


Canoes are simple, lightweight vessels that are typically crewed by one or two people. They have a narrow body and are propelled through the water with a paddle.


Speedboats are lightweight vessels that are typically designed for racing or high speeds. Speedboats can vary in size and function, but they are typically equipped with much larger, more powerful motors.

Why is Boat/Watercraft Insurance Important?

A boat/watercraft insurance policy can protect you from liabilities and damages associated with owning a boat or PWC. This may include protection from liability in the case of injury to other people, damage to your craft or another’s craft, and more.

Get The Right Boat Insurance in Charleston, SC

There are different types of boats and watercraft that a boat insurance policy can protect. B&A Insurance LLC is here to help you get the coverage you want in Charleston, SC to protect your vessel. Call B&A Insurance LLC today to get started on your boat/watercraft insurance policy.


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