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FAQs About Flood Insurance

Those living in Charleston, SC may have questions about why they recommend purchasing flood insurance for their home. Flood insurance is an add-on policy to help pay for damage associated with flood damage in a home and personal property. Many people do not believe they need flood insurance; however, a flood can occur anywhere at any time. Without it, you are left with the financial burden of paying for repairs to the home and replacement costs for your items. 

Below are some commonly asked questions about flood insurance. If you still have questions, reach out to our agents at B&A Insurance LLC to get the answers you seek. 

Why should I purchase flood insurance if I have a homeowners insurance policy? 

Essentially, basic homeowners insurance policies do not cover damage or loss associated with a flood. Only a flood insurance policy covers the cost of repairs and replacement for damage and loss caused by a flooding event. 

My community has never flooded, so I do not need to worry about flood insurance. Do I? 

Flooding can occur anywhere due to inadequate drainage systems, melting snow, local construction, broken water mains, and summer storms. Even those in a high-risk flood zone only have about a one in four chance of experiencing a major flood during 30 years. Even if your community has never flooded, it does not mean it cannot flood. 

If my home floods, would FEMA help pay for the damage? 

FEMA only helps pay recovery costs when a flood is declared a federal disaster. However, not all flood events are significant enough to declare a community a disaster area. Therefore, chances FEMA will help pay for flood recovery are rare. 

Charleston, SC residents can call the agents at B&A Insurance LLC for help answering their questions about flood insurance. 


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