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Comprehensive Auto Insurance Overview

B&A Insurance LLC serves the Charleston, SC community. We strive to make sure that our clients find the coverage they need to navigate life’s unpredictability. We work closely with multiple carriers throughout the South. This allows us to meet our client’s individual needs.  We hope to establish a long-lasting relationship with you so that we can assist you as your needs change over time.

Comprehensive Auto Insurance Overview

Auto insurance is designed to protect you as you travel around Charleston, SC and beyond. The policy covers any damage to your vehicle as a result of a collision. You are also covered if you are held responsible for damaging another vehicle or causing a bodily injury. Liability coverage is a significant part of your policy because an accident can happen at any moment.

You can opt for comprehensive coverage for an extra layer of protection. Comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle if it’s damaged in unique ways. The policy covers your vehicle if it’s stolen or vandalized. South Carolina is prone to severe weather at times. Comprehensive coverage also protects your vehicle if a tornado moves through the area and damages your vehicle. Perhaps you plan to travel through more rural parts of the state. Comprehensive coverage protects you if your vehicle makes an impact with an animal or an object such as a fence or pole.

You can also add emergency roadside assistance to your policy. If you are traveling out of the state on a lengthy road trip, the last thing you want to happen is a flat tire or a dead battery. If your vehicle is suffering engine troubles or any other type of emergency, you will receive urgent service to help get you back on the road safely.

B&A Insurance LLC Will Help You Protect Your Assets

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