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Does Your South Carolina Commercial Insurance Need a Cybersecurity Boost?

When you are looking for commercial insurance, you may want to consider adding cybersecurity protection to your policy. If your business and commercial data is exposed at the wrong time, or you experience a systems outage due to cybercrime elsewhere, your revenue can be protected. 

At B&A Insurance LLC, we want Charleston, SC businesses to have a plan in the event of a cybersecurity crisis.

What Are Your Risks?

Cybersecurity solutions in an insurance product can help protect your business, its data, and revenue. This insurance will help you to plan for and manage a cyberattack. 

The main risks to cybersecurity in your business are ransomware, malware, and hacking. 
Ransomware is an event when a hacker hijacks your network and asks you to pay in order for you to get your data and networks back.
Malware is a dangerous software program or virus that is sent to you by a dangerous entity. 

A hack is a hack. It can occur internally, or it can occur from an outside body. This occurs when someone knowingly steals information from your data centers, network, IT departments, or all of the above.

Any one of these scenarios will bring your business to a halt for just a few minutes. The longer your business is closed to manage these problems, the bigger the problem for you.

Cybersecurity solutions in an insurance product will help to protect your revenue from these problems.

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At B&A Insurance LLC, we can design a cybersecurity package with your commercial insurance so that Charleston, SC business owners feel protected against every risk. Get a quote for cybersecurity liabilities and data breach protection today.


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