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Why Insure Your Condo in Charleston, SC?

Condo insurance, like housing insurance, is there to protect your investment property from damage or loss. Condos are individual units that people may purchase, fix up, flip, and rent out. Or you may choose to live in the property yourself during summers or other times. Whatever the case, you cannot afford to not protect it.

When you are looking to insure your condo in Charleston, SC, think about what you need to protect the most. Some of the most important things to cover in your policy are mentioned below.


Burglars can strike without warning. They may strike while you are asleep or even during the day when they think you are away working at your job. Whatever the case, it’s good to be prepared. Make sure you keep solid deadbolt locks on all of your doors and entrances. In addition, you will want to consider installing a security system. Thieves may hear about units that are not being used, so make sure you visit the condo often if you are not present at all times. 

If the worst happens, if your condo is insured, you will usually be covered for theft and you’ll be able to get reimbursed for the loss.


Vandalism, another crime against someone’s property, involves the destruction of one’s property. If you do not have condo insurance, you may have to go to court to file for damages in a civil lawsuit. Even if the perpetrator is prosecuted, you may have problems getting your stuff back with insurance. Insurance allows you to replace your stuff and repair the damages to your investment property.

Fire Damage

Fires can break out quickly and destroy some or all of your property and contents. Having proper insurance can make it a less permanent loss. Look into getting condo insurance to protect yourself.

Water Damage

Water damage to a home or condo can cost thousands of dollars. It can occur due to pipe leaks, inadequate plumbing, or bad structures in the home. This is a potential disaster if you are not insured.

B&A Insurance LLC reminds you that these are just some of the things you have to look out for if you own a condo unit. Protect your investment by adding condo insurance so that you will be prepared if disaster strikes, no matter where it comes from. Visit with the professionals at B&A Insurance LLC for more information. 

What is Gap Insurance and Do I Need It?

Many residents of Charleston, SC don’t have gap insurance and they should! The team at B&A Insurance LLC is here to explain what gap insurance is and who needs it.

Gap insurance is an acronym for Guaranteed Auto Protection. The purpose of gap insurance is to reimburse the owner of a vehicle when the payment for a total loss is less then what the owner owes for the vehicle.

Gap coverage is not required insurance coverage, it is supplemental and not everyone needs gap insurance. Gap insurance coverage makes the most sense in these instances:

  • Car owners who lease rather than own a vehicle
  • Car owners who put no money down and choose an extended payoff period
  • Car owners who are financing their vehicles
  • Car owners who purchase vehicles that depreciate in value faster than others (for example, SUVs and luxury sedans)

Even if you need gap insurance when you purchase a vehicle, you don’t necessarily need to carry it for the life of your car loan or lease, once the value of your car matches what you owe, or you owe less than what the vehicle is worth, gap insurance is no longer a valuable insurance to carry.

Many lenders require borrowers to carry gap insurance on their vehicles and many dealerships will offer gap insurance at the time of purchase if you are buying a new car. 

If you wreck your car, your insurance company will issue a check for the actual cash value of the vehicle which you can use to pay off the existing loan and put a down payment on a new vehicle with the remainder.

B&A Insurance LLC serving Charleston, SC can facilitate all of your Gap insurance needs, call us today!

Does Your South Carolina Commercial Insurance Need a Cybersecurity Boost?

When you are looking for commercial insurance, you may want to consider adding cybersecurity protection to your policy. If your business and commercial data is exposed at the wrong time, or you experience a systems outage due to cybercrime elsewhere, your revenue can be protected. 

At B&A Insurance LLC, we want Charleston, SC businesses to have a plan in the event of a cybersecurity crisis.

What Are Your Risks?

Cybersecurity solutions in an insurance product can help protect your business, its data, and revenue. This insurance will help you to plan for and manage a cyberattack. 

The main risks to cybersecurity in your business are ransomware, malware, and hacking. 
Ransomware is an event when a hacker hijacks your network and asks you to pay in order for you to get your data and networks back.
Malware is a dangerous software program or virus that is sent to you by a dangerous entity. 

A hack is a hack. It can occur internally, or it can occur from an outside body. This occurs when someone knowingly steals information from your data centers, network, IT departments, or all of the above.

Any one of these scenarios will bring your business to a halt for just a few minutes. The longer your business is closed to manage these problems, the bigger the problem for you.

Cybersecurity solutions in an insurance product will help to protect your revenue from these problems.

Get a Quote

At B&A Insurance LLC, we can design a cybersecurity package with your commercial insurance so that Charleston, SC business owners feel protected against every risk. Get a quote for cybersecurity liabilities and data breach protection today.

4 Areas Covered By Home Insurance

While your home ownership process involves a lot of things, one thing you shouldn’t forget is home insurance. Without home insurance, your hard-earned home could go down the drain when the unthinkable happens. Fortunately, you can secure your home with home insurance from B&A Insurance LLC, located in Charleston, SC.

Liability protection

The liability coverage in your home insurance policy covers you and your household members against bodily injury and property damage for losses and damages caused to third parties. For instance, if your son throws a ball and breaks your neighbor’s expensive vase, the liability coverage can kick in to save you property damage costs. 

Similarly, if someone slips and injures their neck within your premises, liability insurance covers the medical expenses and legal costs if the person sues you for negligence. 

Dwelling protection

The dwelling coverage of your home insurance protects your home structure, including the roofs, wall, floor, and other permanent structures attached to your home. Home insurance protects your home against damage from:

  • Lightning
  • Hail
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Windstorm
  • And many more risks

Home insurance excludes damage from certain perils. Be sure to double-check with your insurance agent to understand what’s not covered with your home insurance.

Contents coverage

If theft, fire, vandalism, or any other covered peril causes damage or loss to your assets, home insurance compensates you up to your coverage limit.

Additional living expenses

Suppose fire, hail, or any other covered peril destroys your home. Your home may become unlivable for a couple of days or even weeks as repairs go on. In the meantime, you may need to seek temporal shelter and incur expenses like hotel meals and accommodation. Home insurance saves the day by covering expenses that exceed your average daily/monthly spending.

Are you shopping for an affordable home insurance plan in Charleston, SC? Don’t look beyond B&A Insurance LLC. We offer customizable and affordable insurance to suit your needs. 


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