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Southa Carolina Boat/Watercraft insurance coverage

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Boat/Watercraft Insurance in South Carolina

Enjoy boating in South Carolina, knowing you are protected with B&A Insurance LLC.

A boat is a way to connect with nature, have fun, and spend time with friends and family. Whether sailing, boating, fishing, or just enjoying some South Carolina sunshine on the water, you deserve the peace of mind and know that your perfect day won't become a financial nightmare.

Boating accidents are common, dangerous, and expensive - even in beautiful and idyllic places where other boaters surround you. A collision with another boat, a fire, or an equipment malfunction could put you and your family at risk and leave you with a bill you can't pay. Even if the accident isn't your fault, there is no guarantee that the other party has insurance or can pay for the damages that were caused. To protect yourself on the water, you need comprehensive boat/watercraft insurance.

Liability insurance can protect you in a collision that is your fault. Even skilled and experienced boaters make mistakes; a single error in a crowded area could leave you on the hook for damages to expensive yachts. However, liability insurance doesn't cover damages to your boat.

Collision insurance covers the damages to your boat, whether or not you were at fault. It also covers collisions with docks, rocks, and other obstacles.

Uninsured/underinsured boater coverage helps to protect you if you are in a collision with another boater who doesn't have coverage and can't afford to pay you damages, whether for boat repairs, medical bills, lost wages, or more. Since it is not legally required to have boater's insurance in South Carolina, it's not unlikely to be in an accident with someone who isn't covered - even if you are.

Reach out to B&A Insurance LLC in Charleston, SC for Boating and Watercraft Insurance

Don't let a day on the water turn into a year or more of financial turmoil. Protect yourself with comprehensive boating/watercraft insurance and give yourself the peace of mind to enjoy boating. Call us today, or drop into our Charleston, SC offices for a free, no-obligation quote.


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