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South Carolina Boat/Watercraft insurance coverage

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Boat/Watercraft Insurance in South Carolina

When you live in Charleston, SC, or nearby South Carolina communities in the Lowcountry, boating becomes a lifestyle. Many of our current clients own one or more boats and watercraft to enjoy the various rivers and ocean life available in this area. With B&A Insurance LLC, you can get all your watercraft vehicles insured for ultimate protection.

Is Boat/Watercraft Insurance Required?

While the state of South Carolina does not require boat owners to carry boat insurance, it does come heavily recommended. Those who spend most of the summer months out on the water, understand the risk of collision and the need for insuring their boat. There are several benefits to choosing insurance for these items, especially as the temperatures rise and the water warms up.

Collision Coverage

Should your boat or watercraft be involved in a collision with another while out on the water, you have financial protection to cover damages to the boat and any medical expenses that you get from the accident. The chances of being hit by another boater that is not insured are much higher than a vehicle.

Liability Coverage

Should you be responsible for causing a collision, your liability coverage will help you financially with the claim so that you are not forced to cover the damages out of your own pocket. Medical expenses and body repair to the other watercraft are covered with a liability claim.

Comprehensive Coverage

While you have your boat or watercraft stored, it could fall victim to theft or vandalism. Should your boat be stolen or damaged, you can make a comprehensive claim, having it repaired or replaced with your insurance coverage.

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If you live in the Charleston, SC area or nearby communities of South Carolina, our agents at B&A Insurance LLC are ready to assist you with your boat and watercraft insurance needs.


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