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South Carolina Commercial insurance coverage

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Commercial Insurance in South Carolina

With the Charleston, SC area a thriving market for small businesses and a major part area, the need for commercial insurance has grown substantially. At B&A Insurance LLC, we want our South Carolina customers to know what is expected of them at the commercial level and what they can get with the right policy.

Is Commercial Insurance Required?

South Carolina does require all businesses to carry the following:

  • Workers Compensation Coverage
  • Commercial Auto Insurance

Any business that has two or more employees in South Carolina must carry worker's compensation coverage. This gives employees a level of protection if they are hurt while working. Also, any business that requires the use of a commercial vehicle for any services and needs employees to drive these vehicles must carry commercial auto insurance. This gives the employees full coverage protection should they be involved in an accident while driving the vehicle.

Other Commercial Insurance Options

While the following is not required, it is recommended that businesses take advantage of the following:

  • Liability Coverage
  • Property Protection
  • Comprehensive Coverage

Should someone like an employee, customer, or other patron get hurt while on your business's property, general liability insurance coverage gives you the financial cushion you need to cover any costs associated with the claim.

Property protection gives your business coverage if the structure is damaged during natural disasters or unexpected tragedies that are beyond your control. Attempting to repair this damage without insurance coverage can be the difference in your business reopening.

Comprehensive coverage protects the equipment, products, and other loose property found within your commercial business. Attempting to replace or repair these items can take a lot of your business, forcing unwanted financial distress.

Let Our Agents Help You Today

If you have a business in the Charleston, SC area, our agents at B&A Insurance LLC are ready to assist you with a policy that fits your needs. Give us a call today for more information and to get a quote.


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