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South Carolina Recreational insurance coverage

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Recreational Insurance in South Carolina

So you’re finally ready to have your own recreational vehicle (RV) and explore everything that South Carolina has to offer. Before you make your purchase and get behind the wheel, know that there are other important things you should consider.

One of these is getting RV insurance coverage. Although laws may vary per state as to the specific requirements of this insurance, what is certain is that vehicle owners are mandated by federal law to have insurance.

Types of RV Insurance

Not all insurance policies are made equal. There are different types depending on the classification of the RV itself. To give you a quick idea, for example, a Class A Motorhome insurance would cover RVs that reach as much as 45’ in length.

Meanwhile, Class B/B+ insurance suits motorhome RVs best. Many long-haul RV drivers might prefer this type of RV because of its high fuel economy and, at 18’ to 24’, is a lot easier to park than its much larger counterpart.

Class C is the mid-sized RV version, sitting somewhere between Classes A and B in size. A striking feature in this RV type is the cabin above the driver’s seat, which adds some much-needed storage or sleeping area.

Your local insurance company, B&A Insurance LLC in Charleston, SC, should be better able to explain to you the intricacies of each insurance type and more.

South Carolina Requirements

As for state requirements, bear in mind that South Carolina implements a 25/50/25 minimum liability coverage. This means that $25,000 at least is required for bodily injury coverage per person, $50,000 per accident, and $25,000 for property damage coverage.

The state also requires uninsured motorist coverage following the same breakdown above.

Get in touch with your local agency, B&A Insurance LLC in Charleston, SC, for your own consultation and quote.


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