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South Carolina Umbrella insurance coverage

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Umbrella Insurance in South Carolina

Having solid financial security means finding ways to save money in just about every aspect of life. One great way to protect your finances is by buying umbrella insurance. Most South Carolina residents don’t know how they can benefit from this policy as it is an addition to what they already have. However, umbrella insurance goes further than that, and that’s why B&A Insurance LLC recommends learning everything there is to know about the policy before buying. Here is what every Charleston, SC resident needs to know about an umbrella policy.

It offers extra liability coverage

Often known as excess liability coverage, umbrella insurance is designed to boost all your liability needs in a home, auto, and boat insurance. That means that you need to have these primary policies to use umbrella insurance. It’s also critical to note that personal umbrella insurance is a comprehensive package. It pays for injuries and property damage in case your primary policies are not adequate to cover the costs.

How umbrella insurance works

Since umbrella insurance is a secondary policy, you might want to pay attention to your liability needs and assess your risk of getting sued at some point in life. No one is perfect; that’s why you cannot afford to joke around with legal fees. Umbrella insurance helps prevent financial ruin if you accidentally cause property damage or injuries to other people. It covers you and other members of your family from a variety of claims such as false imprisonment and detention and landlord liability. That means any Charleston, SC resident needs to buy the policy, especially if you are a parent, own assets, or have wealth.

Learn what is not covered

Like other policies, umbrella insurance doesn't cover everything about you. For instance, your personal property is not covered, your business losses are not covered, and breach of contract is also not covered. You will also not get compensated if you are involved in criminal or intentional actions (if you intended to cause injuries or damage to other people).

We can help

Need to buy umbrella insurance in South Carolina but not sure where to begin? Worry no more because you have come to the right place. At B&A Insurance LLC, we are all about helping you take care of your finances swiftly. Call us to book your appointment today!


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